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Explore Mars from your desk

Just a quick pointer to the ESA Mars Express image browser, a rather nifty Flash tool for finding quality Mars Express images from a rotating globe...

Also, to a set of rather beautiful images of the Valles Marineris...

Some day my story of uplifted gorillas building a bridge across the Valles Marineris will finally see light...

The office windows looked out over the Valles Marineris, pulling in a light-lagged real-time video feed. It was late afternoon on Mars, and a squall was screaming up the immense canyon, driving a swarm of micro-lights before it. Just a few thrill-seeking body-hoppers, dodging the lightnings and the rain, playing with the winds, mortal flesh for a summer's afternoon. Turning away from the worlds, I glanced over to the waiting swarms of agents and viziers: AI implants and intelligence augmentations hovering in the quiet corners of my mind. They shone bright, reflecting the invisible colors of a virtual light, thoughts dancing in the winds of the datastream.
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