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Blue Mars rising

New Scientist is reporting that there is evidence of what is possibly a frozen sea on Mars.
A frozen sea, surviving as blocks of pack ice, may lie just beneath the surface of Mars, suggest observations from Europe's Mars Express spacecraft. The sea is just 5° north of the Martian equator and would be the first discovery of a large body of water beyond the planet's polar ice caps.

Images from the High Resolution Stereo Camera on Mars Express show raft-like ground structures - dubbed "plates" - that look similar to ice formations near Earth's poles, according to an international team of scientists.


The team of researchers, led by John Murray at the Open University, UK, estimates the submerged ice sea is about 800 by 900 kilometres in size and averages 45 metres deep.
So, future martian explorers, don't forget to pack your ice skates...


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Feb. 21st, 2005 07:52 am (UTC)
But will it be fizzy water with dissolved carbon-dioxide?
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