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So just what is a gadget?

Mobile PC magazine has released a list of the top 100 gadgets to date, along with a definition of gadget that works well for me...
  • It has to have electronic and/or moving parts of some kind. Scissors count, but the knife does not.

  • It has to be a self-contained apparatus that can be used on its own, not a subset of another device. The flashlight counts; the light bulb does not. The notebook counts, but the hard drive doesn't.

  • It has to be smaller than the proverbial bread box. This is the most flexible of the categories, since gadgets have gotten inexorably smaller over time. But in general we included only items that were potentially mobile: The Dustbuster counts; the vacuum cleaner doesn't.
Some nifty widgets on their list, too...

I seem to have only owned 17 of them, too...


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Feb. 20th, 2005 09:45 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2005 09:55 am (UTC)
I've owned about ten if we don't go to precise models, about eight if we do (e.g. I never owned a Tandy 100 but I had a brief fling with the 200).
Feb. 20th, 2005 10:23 am (UTC)
I counted about 18 where I've owned the exact brand (and model if mentioned), and another 20 or more where I've owned something in the category (with the same brand if mentioned).
Feb. 20th, 2005 10:29 am (UTC)
25 owned, of either exact or comparable brands. I still yearn for a Land Camera... :D
Feb. 20th, 2005 12:18 pm (UTC)
I never thought of my metronome as a gadget. But then my zester is, although it doesn't qualify under their definition.
Feb. 20th, 2005 01:07 pm (UTC)
Four. I surprised myself, but if they count Pez and etch a sketch that pushes my gadget count up a bit.
Feb. 21st, 2005 05:43 am (UTC)
ah - happy days with my OmniBook 300. I got so much work done on that. if the charged battery ran out I could put in duracells ;-)

And when they say of the HP Portable Calculator (met a guy from teh design team on a boat in NZ!) "Your Pocket PC would never have seen the light of day had it not been for this little number cruncher, which is still widely used today" it's truer than they know. The HP Jornada team came out of the HP Singapore calculator team...
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