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Ten things...

... that I have done (or had done to me) and you probably haven't:

1) Built a national ISP from scratch, in an old brewery, in the middle of the West Country.

2) Written regular articles for a national newspaper.

3) Climbed a HVS route on a Doctor Who/Blakes Seven/The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy set.

4) Run a SF convention in Tolkien's old college, with one of his students as guest of honour.

5) Designed an atom bomb (on the proverbial napkin) for an award-winning comic.

6) Been an anecdote for a well known SF author in a Locus interview.

7) Made holograms of objects that have never existed.

8) Eaten magosteens in the fog on a beach in Hong Kong.

9) Spent 18 years of my life thinking 6 miles was a long, long way.

10) Designed and wrote a Perl-based web-card system for AOL in three evenings (on the dining room table) that ended up sending over a million cards.
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