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Bandes dessinées à petits prix

The French do comics differently. Not better, just differently.

Bandes dessinées tend to be large hardcover volumes of carefully drawn and painted works, in long series that take years to complete. If you're not born into a BD culture, it's one that's difficult to get into, especially when your first foray could set you back 12 euros or so...

However, last week, in my favourite little comic shop in Bruges, I found a new way of discovering new series. Soleil, one of many specialist BD presses, has started a new series of pocket paperback BD, the size of an US prestige format comic. At 2 euro a throw for a Solo, it's a lot easier to pick up one of these smaller, cheaper books before building a collection of hardcover volumes.

And, they're all first volumes...

And you can get them through

Where you'll also discover many other BD at quite reasonable prices (once you're addicted!).
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