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Gates on the "Blair" Doodles (or "How I learned to love the Tablet PC").

Well, we all wondered what BillG would make of the UK press' analysis of the so-called Blair doodles from Davos. Now, thanks to, we know.
Gates also showed his lighter side, poking fun at the doodles he recently left behind at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Handwriting analysts, who thought the sketch was from Tony Blair, said the scribble indicated the writer was either "struggling to concentrate" or "not a natural leader" or "frustrated and tense."

Gates showed a fake copy of his sketch, which had messages like "So hungry--need cheeseburger" and "I miss Clippy."

But then, he was reduced to pad and paper instead of a Tablet PC running OneNote, a note-taking application that Microsoft debuted with Office 2003.

"If I'd had OneNote, it would have been a lot better," he said.
I did wonder why he wasn't using a Tablet...
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