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If SF writers wrote CAMRA reviews...

As the story I'm working on seems intent in turning into William Hope Hodgson's "The Free-House on the Borderland", somehow I started thinking of just what the pub reviews of great SF and fantasy writers would be...

So, we have J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Last Friendly Tied House", George R. R. Martin's epic study of pub pianos "A Sing-along of Ice and Fire", Anne McCaffrey's "At the sign of The White Dragon" (and of course, her paen to Fuller's - "Lyon's London Pride"), Arthur C. Clarke's examination of the beer purchasing patterns at one London off-licence "Ales from the White Hart", Dan Simmons' guide to strong beers "Hard as Ales", and William Barton's "When We Were Real Ales".

The list goes on, I'm sure...
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