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"Who'da Blunkett"...

..or perhaps, "Beach Blunkett Babylon"?

David Blunkett and Boris Johnson: The Musical
Casting is currently under way for the characters of Mr Johnson, Ms Wyatt and Mr Blunkett's former lover, Kimberly Quinn.

Mr Witts said the show will be similar in format to Michael Frayn's Noises Off, with the actors commenting on the action.

He described it as an "amusing piece", focusing on Mr Blunkett's journey from humble beginnings in Sheffield, his rise to political power and his "tragic" downfall.

"It is not going to be a knocking piece. It is an entertainment. It will be a hit."
Scared now.

But who's the "well known rock star" who will be playing David Blunkett?

(thanks to marypcb for spotting the link and putting up with the resulting puns...)
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