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Less stressful testing...

Well, I've been working with OpenSTA for a while now, and I keep getting more and more impressed. This afternoon I'm starting to get to grips with its scripting language, adding new timers and audit traces to my scripts. Open STA doesn't use a complex language (and it doesn't need to have one), but I do like the way the syntax is obviously intended to be an extension of familiar HTTP commands.

It certainly beats delving through a pile of undocumented Access tables in Microsoft's WAS Tool, and the Open STA script IDE allows me to use regular expressions rather than SQL to edit code...

But what I really do like is the end to several days of frustration as I tried to beat WAST into the shape I wanted. Now I have a tool that does just what I want out of the box, and lets me tweak it just the way I want.
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