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...with today's Guardian article on the Freedom of Information Act...

[where I reveal that Suffolk Constabulary has pre-emptively disclosed all its documentation on the infamous Rendlesham UFO...]


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Jan. 6th, 2005 06:23 am (UTC)
It's not only that no extra funding has been provided to cover FOIA requests, but in most cases no staff time has been allowed for when completing FOIA requests.

My department is in the middle of a cull of 25% of staff - many of whom are disaffected long-term civil servants, and quite a few are admin. So firstly we're squeezing quarts out of pint pots with regard to maintaining working effectiveness. Secondly, we are also losing a lot of people who actually know about their subject, and so finding information that isn't on our EDM system will prove virtually impossible. Plus, of course, our EDM system isn't particularly user-friendly, so christ alone knows what information will fall through the gaps because the e-mail's been filed in the wrong silo with the title "Fwd:Re: your submission".

BTW: I'm not against FOI, seriously, but I do think that allowing everyone to metaphorically rifle around in our filing cabinets is going a trifle far - at least with regard to things currently being worked on. But thankfully, the data protection act means that my name gets taken off anything that gets sent out under FOIA...

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