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What I really need right now...

...apart from a stiff drink...

...is a low cost web application performance testing tool that understands that a single page may include images, and will allow me to build tests that calculate overall page performance instead of having to look at every single GIF... and that allows me to randomise think times for pages rather than every single downloadable element...

Microsoft's free WAS tool is good, but it's not quite right for the job at hand... I'm having to get into the underlying Access databases to get things working the way I want.

Grrr. Stress testing this application is stressing me...

Still, it looks like our team's database guru has found a hidden Oracle setting that seems to make things perform a lot better.


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Jul. 31st, 2002 11:50 am (UTC)
Any chance you could let us know what the hidden Oracle setting is? I'm partway through a major capacity upgrade on my company's Oracle database (we need to be able to serve at least four million pages per day by January), but some extra tuning can't hurt.
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