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Yet another post-New Year review: Voyage of the Shadowmoon

If Sean McMullen's epic fantasy spy thriller Voyage of the Shadowmoon was a movie, it would probably star George Clooney and Nichole Kidman, and be directed by James Cameron. We've grown used to multi-volume quests and massive battles between good and evil, so it's a challenge to be presented with a fantasy in which there are no good guys and no bad guys, just shades of grey - and weapons of mass destruction.

The eponymous Shadowmoon is a spy ship, plying the seas of one of the moons of the gas giant Miral. Its mixed crew of warriors, priests and magicians has an ace in the hole, an immortal vampire - who has been 14 for 700 years. When the Emperor Warsovran uses the mystical artefact Silverdeath a continent is doomed. It's up to the motley crew of Shadowmoon to save the world... It's a mission that mixes chivalry with underhand dealings, and one that will take them from one side of the ocean to the next.

McMullen's new series is a complete departure from his earlier SF works. Delivering a fantasy with an SFnal sensibility, McMullen has unleashed something new on the world, something innovative and exciting. Complex characters find themselves in complex situations, trying to overcome their frailties in order to deal with unimaginable threats.

Roll on the next voyage of the Shadowmoon, Glass Dragons.
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