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London by night

It's a hot summer in London at the moment, grey humid skies in the mornings, that break by lunchtime and then clear for the rest of the day. While hawkida may have the thunderstorms we're hoping for here, there's no sign of them yet. And I have another day out at Bromley in a very very hot little room full of computers, consultants and clients.

About a week ago, on a glorious evening, I was walking back across the new Hungerford footbridge, and had the digicam in my pocket. The city was bright lights all aound me, and even though it was nearly two hours since sunset there was still a bright glow in the western sky.

So I decided to try an experiment - a five shot panorama that I would stitch back together on the PC using some of the bundled software. To be honest, I'm actually quite impressed with the results. As it's Canon's software it knows just what the camera can do, and puts together a very nice image.

(Click on the picture for a larger view which will open in a new window. It's still only 94KB though....)
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