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marypcb and I have spent the last two days building a complex set of shelves at the top of the stairs. Battens and cross pieces mean that we've been able to build a nice big set of shelves that happily go around the corner.

But empty shelves are an abomination unto a bookworm, and so much treking up and down the stairs has meant that these have now been filled with my to-be-reads (hard covers, trades, proofs, and paperbacks).

This has left a hefty gap in the bookcase in the office, so I have been reducing the height of the unshelved-books pile by filling in the empty shelves in the old to-be-read bookcase.

As those who've visited The East Putney Museum Of Science Fiction, Fantasy And Comic Art (and Lending Library) in the last few months would have noticed, it was over head height.

Today it hardly reaches my knees.

And we have yet more shelves to build!


(Oh-soji is the Japanese tradition of pre-New Year spring cleaning.)
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