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Across Middle Earth with van and camera

One of the many guidebooks that led us (GPS in hand) across thousands of kilometres of North and South Islands was Ian Brodie's Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook. Here are just a few of the places we ended up visiting on our own epic quest...

Various stretches of the Anduin
Bungy jump the Anduin!

The site of the Argonath - and the view from the precipitous bluffs of my current icon

White water on the Anduin

The Site Of The Death Of Boromir

The woods which marypcb saved from burning down!


marypcb emulates Faramir

Where are the oliphaunts?

The Great East Road

Winding through the pine woods...


The volcanic heights of Mordor

Mount Doom

Mount Doom looms over the horizon


The wild plains of Rohan, sans wargs but plus sheep

The Pelennor Fields

The high mountain plains live on after the clash between good and evil

The Misty Mountains

The white slopes of Caradhas rise up

Weta (non-Digital)

A pair of rather cute cave weta pose for the camera

The Chocolate Fish Cafe

The favourite Wellington eating place of the cast has its own truck

Elrond's SUV

An enterprising tour company with a raft of appropriate plates on its Landies
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