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GIP: Precipitous Bluffs Ahead

There are plenty of unusual road signs in New Zealand.

You're likely to have seen any of several variants on "Danger: Penguin Crossing", but it was this sign that really made us smile when we saw it. It was aptly placed at the part of a winding unsealed single-track mountain track that lead to a winery, just outside Queenstown, a road that was reputed to have the best views of a certain shot of on of the many locations used as the River Anduin from "The Fellowship Of The Ring"...

So we drove up it. Me desperately hoping that we weren't going to meet something coming the other way and that the van wasn't going to skid on a piece of gravel and roll off the edge of those extremely precipitous bluffs...

(resized down from the 7MP original)
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