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...throwing in a large dose of dub and a touch of The Orb? Something that would sound very like the NZ band Salmonella Dub, who tend to hang out in Kaikoura.

Well worth importing their music from NZ if you get the chance. I brought back two albums - "One Drop East" and "Killervision". Thanks to sethop's dad for the introduction...


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Dec. 18th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)
Just happened to have it in the player while he was demonstrating his speakers? I'm looking forward to dragging up some of my favourites to try on his setup over Xmas.

There area lot of great Kiwi bands you'll have never heard of. "The Feelers" are a recent favourite. About a decade ago the "Headless Chickens" had a great album "Body Blow" that belongs in any collection (and then they lost their female lead and it was all downhill). Shihad (renamed "Pacifier" after 9/11) has some good stuff. There's also all the hiphop stuff, which is apparently pretty good by world standards, but it's just not my genre.
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