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One of my favourite places... Selfridges Food Hall. Just wandering around of a lunch time you see such a wonderful collection of foodstuffs and ingredients from all over the world. And a friend of mine is deputy buyer (mwah hah hah!). Which meant I was able to get what I wanted for Mary's birthday present even though they had nearly sold out...

And now there's an Eat in it too, which means I can get really nice soup for my lunch. Today's bold was a lovely thick spicy goulash, which I washed down with some apple and ginger. As you can tell I'm working on wiping out a spring cold that's crept up on me over the last couple of days. So the desk is covered in vitamin c and zinc lozenges, echinacea drops and Lemsip capsules - oh, and the Olbas oil and the armotherapy cough cure for my chest. I think I must be rattling.
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