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Coping with big rocks...

One of my favourite big books of recent years was Julian Cope's eclectic and idiosyncratic The Modern Antiquarian, a highly personal tour of the megalithic structures of Britain. If you could cope with the many snaps of his wife standing by a standing stone, you were left with an exploration of the ancient, the mysterious and the truly unknown. The related web site is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to visit the many megalithic structures scattered around the British Isles...

Now he's followed up with The Megalithic European - a similar exploration of the stones of Europe. One for my Amazon wishlist...

Anta de Gafete, Portugal


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Nov. 3rd, 2004 10:25 am (UTC)
The pictures of "Mrs Drood" weren't the problem - I had issues with the poetry. But other than that, it's a damned useful book.

I had no idea there was a website as well - must explore. Thanks!

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