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In a discussion on a private IRC server a while back, codepope and I were talking about the sort of thing we load on a freshly OSed machine. Let's face it, we all have our ways of working, and whatever we use, be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, just won't give us what we want out of the box or off the ISO. So what are the tools I tend to install on my Windows boxen - apart from Office?There are other tools I'll add, too, depending on use - Sun's JRE for Java, Web Matrix and the .NET framework, Macromedia Studio MX and of course LiveJournal tools...


Jul. 25th, 2002 07:01 am (UTC)
Can anyone join in?
I would probably add Putty although it is superfluous since Cygwin provides ssh. On the subject of Cygwin, I've found the XFree86 port handy. I use The Gimp for graphics work: I don't know how it compares with PSP. VNC is rather useful sometimes too.