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Where do all the helicopters come from?

Lying in bed on a dull gray July afternoon with a pile of books and an iBook, all I can hear is the sound of helicopters as they trundle up and down the Thames. It's not just the choppers bound for the nearby Battersea heliport, it's also the huge military craft that roar across the sky at regular intervals, their grey and green bodies shading between the sky and the trees...

Up and down the river, all day long, no idea where they're going, no idea where they've come from...


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Jul. 31st, 2002 09:32 am (UTC)
Radio Chopper
Listen to Thames Radar on 132.7 MHz, AM. It organises all the small planes, airships, angry palm trees and other aerial delights that disturb your dozing... can be quite entertaining at times when things get busy, there's a thunderstorm right in the middle of town and a couple of balloons aren't going quite where they should.

Y'see? Always a technological solution.

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