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More from EuroFoo

There's a large contingent from the BBC here, generating some interesting content. I'm currently in a session on the design and architecture of the Radio 3 website, and how it generates a unique URI for every episode of every show - producing a canonical page for every broadcast. Quite fascinating. It's a model for how every programme from the BBC will be detailed in future.

I've just come out of a talk on the BBC Creative Archive, and the issues with the content owners in developing such a service. It's a fascinating problem, and one that is causing a lot of conversation inside ad outside the BBC. One good thing came out of the talk - the BBC Creative Archive intends to own all rights for its content, in perpetuity, and including all moral rights - and then an appropriate license that will allow use in your own content, and encouraging you to give back to the archive - and there will be no DRM.
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