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Pamper your pet with a portico...

For some reason I got sent the Ancestral Collections catalogue - probably as a result of data sharing by the Stow-on-the-Wold catalogue shop collective - which turned out to be a source of the most ostentatious (and amusing) kitsch tat possible.

May I bring exhibit A to the attention of the ladies and gentlemen of the jury? Thank you m'lud.

Exhibit A: The Smart Cat Flap. I quote, "Now Puss can make a grand entrance and exit! The world's smartest cat flap surround will bring the stage set of Aida to your back door and a smile to all your friends." It is, in fact, a set of surrounds that give your cat flap a Georgian portico.

I am assured that no self-respecting cat would use it, but even so...

M'lud, I rest my case. And ask the jury to return a verdict of "Very, very tacky indeed".
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