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Another Monday evening "still writing that bloody column" review: Anonymous Rex

Eric Garcia's Anonymous Rex postulates the biggest conspiracy ever: dinosaurs didn't become extinct. In fact they're still here, living alongside humans, just wearing complicated disguises full of clamps and zippers that make them look human. It's a world where dinosaurs are your next door neighbours, and where some of the most famous feuds in history where actually territorial disputes between apatosaurs bearing grudges...

Vincent Rubio is a raptor - and a LA private eye on the ropes with a serious basil habit. His partner died just as they were about to break their biggest case, and he's now reduced to divorce stakeouts and dodging the bailiffs. A fire at a nightclub means a job that'll actually pay decent money for once. Unfortunately for Rubio it's a trail that will reopen old cases and old wounds, delivering the reader a dose of humourous hard-boiled detective action. Rubio is an engaging and sympathetic character, with a wry outlook on life. He's beaten but unbowed, and looking for a new lease on life. Perhaps this case is going to be his salvation. Sure, there's a little violence, but it's nature red in tooth and claw.

Garcia delivers a fun tale, with a dose of satire hidden amongst the dino-on-dino action.

Recommended. Even if you're not into dinosaurs.
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