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Another Monday "writing a column" review: Miss Wyoming

First a quick confession: Douglas Coupland is one of my favourite writers. While in Toronto recently I lept with joy on his two Canada-only photo essay books, Souvenir of Canada and Souvenir of Canada 2 (think of them as Polaroids from the Dead, but about what makes Canada Canadian).

So to Miss Wyoming, possibly his most accessible novel to date. A delightful love story, it's a tale of two lost people finding each other, and in doing so, finding direction. Susan Colgate is a one-time teen actress and rock star wife who disappeared after a plane crash, to re-emerge a year later a changed person. John Jonson is a film star who nearly dies, and while hovering between this world and whatever, has a vision of Susan. It's destiny that will bring them together, helping them both find redemption in the ruins of mass market culture, all in LA, the capital of trash culture...

Coupland weaves a tale of the roads that led them to their meeting, before leaving us to speculate on possible futures. It's a tale about the things that make a difference, the moments that make us who and what we are, wrapped up in the minutae of everyday existence.

Wonderful, fulfilling fiction. Highly recommended.

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