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A Monday afternoon "writing a column" review: Glory In Death

J.D. Robb's " Death" series of near future police procedural romances are a strange fish. The SF is terrible (if not quite as bad as Adam Robert's salt-burning stars), the characters bland and anodyne, and the romance superficial. Yet there is a story in Glory In Death that keeps you reading Robb's potboiler story to the end, if just to find out that you were right about who did it all along...

Glory In Death finds Eve Dallas agonising about her relationship with an ex-criminal, while someone seems to be murdering people he knows. She wants to believe that her lover is innocent, but can't be sure - and is drawn into a drama that is very much of her own making. It's a tawdry affair, and one that could easiy be resolved with a little thought and analysis, but Dallas is blind to the truth and consumed with guilt when her own friends become targets.

Another light read, and part of a series that is probably best avoided.

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