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Another busy conference - this time with a start at 8.30 on a Sunday morning...

Currently I'm sat in the conference press room for a brief lunch before exploring the tradeshow, and then it's off to more meetings, and a dinner with the UK Microsoft contingent. Unfortunately all this means that we'll probably be unable to meet up with rfmcdpei - sorry! Especially as we're flying back tomorrow with time for a quick change before heading off to Barcelona to see rowanf...

Toronto is a lovely city - at least after a brief encounter. We managed a trip out to the Toronto Islands as a means of dealing with jet-lag, and a dose of book-shoppery yesterday. Bakka, a specialist SF book store was a lucky find. I'd forgotten that Cory had recommended it a while back...

Dinner last night was up the top of the CN Tower. Good fun, good food (if buffet style), and good company. Photos of the portable Mini Goth Course will follow - along with other Toronto images...
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