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Alternate history (sort of)

I had a strange dream last night - about a middle ages superhero comic, and what it might look like. I can't remember all the details now, but it had a lot to do with tapestries that could be used to cover the walls of your hovel - and mint editions were collected and could be found in museums.

So I googled for the Historic Tale Construction Kit and made a panel from the adventures of The Norman, a flying archer who saved the lives of peasants while lords feasted (in my dream he was called Arrowmanche, but that really didn't work in the real world). Think of him as a Robin Hood sort of character, but with tinges of silver age Superman.

Now I find myself wondering how a middle ages Dave Sim would have woven Aardvark Comment, or how an Alan Moore would have delivered a seering political tapestry about a Norman Britain and a single peasant revolutionary
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