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Vrooom! (With added mountains and helicopters)

So, as you now know, I went to Cyprus to go play with ruggedised portable satellite data systems. A thrilling subject, but not an interest most of you share with me...

However, the company that flew me out to look at their rather clever kit is a major sponsor of the World Rally Championship, and as it was the weekend of the Cyprus rally, I got taken up into the mountains of southern Cyprus to watch heavily modified cars go very fast up, down and around gravel mountain roads.

It was hot, very sunny, and everything smelt of pine, sage and thyme. The unforgettable scent of a Mediterranean summer, the air heavy with the heat, and full of the slow chirping of grasshoppers and the shrill creeching of swallows. Then there was the whine of heat-stressed turbochargers, the crash of tortured gravel, and the spray of dust as a car flashed past...

I had a digital camera with me, and a little folding tripod (as recommended by spride), and despite the speed of the cars, I came up with a handful of reasonable photographs.

The helicopter that took us (in true James Bond style) from the sea to the mountains, sat on its watery helipad.

Cars rushed along twisty mountain roads...

...just clinging to the gravel surface...

...throwing up rocks...

...and clouds of dust... they powered round tight corners.

No wonder that they need a complete service after just a morning on the road. In less than 20 minutes.

Oh, and GIP. Me at the wheel of a Formula Brands single-seater last summer.
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