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Kittens in the Sun

The semi-domestic and feral cats of the Cyclades have been documented in Cats In The Sun.

It wasn't surprising to find a similar colony living in the grounds of my hotel in Cyprus last week, and while wandering the grounds camera in hand, I found a couple of families of very young kittens. I'd guess on group at 8 weeks or so, while the younger kittens weren't much more thna three weeks old. The first group was living in a rock garden near the beach, while the second family of much younger animals were being cosseted by the waiters (who showed me where they were nesting), living under a decorative workbench in a restaurant.

First sight, kittens and mother on the rocks.

A small family gathering.

Rolly-poly tumbles!

"Line up for the nice photographer."

"All hail the conquering hero!"

Not very old, but still ready to explore...

Mother love.
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