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Lookout verily rocketh out...

If you use any recent version of Outlook, you may well want to download and install the preview version of Lookout. It's an Outlook plugin that gives you much better search tools than the built-in search, and will index a couple of gigabytes of mail in 30 minutes or so...

Then just use the new search bar to find the files you're looking for. I just used it to track down the job title of someone I interviewed today in just a couple of seconds - finally finding it in an email from last October that I'd filed in a sub-folder of PR emails. It also handles my hundreds of RSS feeds that I suck in via NewsGator (which has also been updated recently, and now handles blog comments).

As they say, it's like Google for email.

And as I say, "Rar!". This is one that's going to be worth paying $30 for...
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