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Recovery from a weekend of too much food...

Just back from an excellent weekend with a large chunk of my family at my cousin's Ulster/Anglo-indian wedding in Loughborough. Lots of extended family present on both sides (Ulster uncles with beer and asian aunts with food), and lots of food - especially the excellent vegetarian Indian buffet... It was good to catch up with the Northern Irish side of my family, many of whom I haven't seen for years.

Great discoveries included Carrot Halwa (very sweet and best served with lots of cream!) and fruit Burfi... My mother did have problems with the chilli seed carrot

Also Friday took us to dinnet at Tamarind, one of the few Indian restaurants with a Michelin star. Excellent food, and not too expensive... Well, not when someone else is paying the bill, and also promising to loan you several terabytes of storage server....

All in all, this has to be a week to diet. Pity about the VIP trip to the World Rally in Cyprus at the end of the week...
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