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Cunning plans for room design

While we plan the final fitted wardrobes for the new bedroom in the loft conversion, we've realised we do need some storage. So we've been doing the Ikea thing, and buying shed- (or is that wardrobe-) loads of the cheap-but-not-too bad looking Vestby.

However, it's not really possible to plaster them around the walls, so I have come up with a cunning solution. Four of the units will fill one corner of the room, side by side. I have put little friction-free sliders on the bottom of the legs, and we'll be fitting little chilli-shaped handles to them. That way a full wardrobe can be moved very easily on the wooden floor. So when we want to get clothers out, all we'll need to do is just slide out the unit we need, just like stacks in a library.

A fine way of doing things, if I say so myself...
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