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Now this is *really* cool - LJ can now import RSS feeds!

If you've been anywhere near me in the last month, you will no doubt know about my current obsession with RSS, and what it means for online discourse and knowledge management. If you read either (in ADA or PC Plus) of my columns you'll soon know even more, but that's beside the point...

My regular feeds went "bing" this morning, and I found this snippet in Ben Hammersley's Blog about the forthcoming O'Reilly RSS book he's working on. It turns out that as well as exporting RSS, LiveJournal can now import feeds - treating them as a variant of Friends.

Quoting Mark Kraft in Ben's entry:

"We are currently adding the feeds manually, but will soon be supporting the ability of users to add any feed that interests them. This will be instrumental in not only allowing LiveJournal users to easily read RSS feeds from news and weblog sources, but it will also tie together users on sites that are running LiveJournal Server. For instance, LiveJournal users will be able to add users from DeadJournal,,, etc. to their friends list, and visa versa. This will help us tie together over 900,000 users of our server software.

This feature benefits both LiveJournal users and everyone else on the Internet too, since anyone can view or comment on these html-ized RSS feeds. Since these webpages are also of low bandwidth, they are also well-suited for using with applications like AvantGo in order to read RSS feeds via PDAs.

It is also a very valuble paid feature for LiveJournal -- the over 30,000 paid and permanent users of LiveJournal can now add RSS feeds to their friends lists, reading them in the same way they already read their friends lists. See for an example of how this works with RSS feeds. Since friends lists can be sorted into named, customized groups, it is possible for people to create custom lists of their favorite feeds, sorting them into any categories they would prefer (news, technology, sports, weblogs, friends, etc.)"

Can't wait for this to be automated! It's a bit of a pig porting my feeds from work PC to home desktop to home laptop to iBook...
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