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Building mini-servers for fun...

Began work on revamping the house network tonight, by assembling the machine that is going to replace the existing mail and file server.

It's the first time that I've worked with Shuttle-format machines, so it was an interesting experience, working out how to fit the processor and the memory, then squeezing in the DVD burner and the 200GB hard drive (there's still space for another drive in the future). But I managed to put together a server not much bigger than a shoebox in less than 45 minutes (and cook dinner at the same time!), so I'm pretty happy...

I'm planning on installing Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 on the box, so as to give us a reasonable mail and file infrastructure - I don't think we'll need much else. Of course the tricky bit will be migrating mail from the existing server's Exchange 2000 installation. But it's all a learning experience, and that's what really matters. However advice and pointers welcome!

Phase two will entail building my new desktop PC. I have all the bits, and I may have the time soon...
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