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Small world syndrome strikes again...

I was at the House of Parliament last night for the launch of Zope UK, where we'd been invited by an ex-colleague of marypcb. We'd arranged to meet him in the Red Lion on Whitehall before the event, along with some of his colleagues. A couple of the folks in the pub were wearing badges, with the name of a company that lproven will be very familiar with...

One of the names was familiar - it was the real-world name of someone I've known online through CIX and IRC for several years. So I asked him if he was the person in question... To be honest it was something of a long shot - for one thing the person I know lives in Japan, and has a fairly new baby, so was unlikely to be in the UK....

The chap did the most amazing double take. Turned out he was who I thought he was. And so, after we'd finished our beers, we had all had a jolly good time over the rather excellent House of Commons claret...
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