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Time to forget the hamster dance... we now have the wonder-widget that is the Hamster Composer?

" I also aimed to make something novel that had never been done before. But to balance out the unusual nature of its design, I wanted to also to create something that was very musical.After much consideration of different technical design aspects and contemplating various musical ideas, I was able to arrive at a project that would fulfill all of my musical and engineering goals.An intelligent MIDI sequencer was designed with hamster control. The MIDI sequencer intelligently produced melodies by manipulating the musical elements of rhythm and note-choice. Guided by inputs based on hamster movements, Markov chains were used to perform such beat and note computations."

[link originally gacked from Boing Boing]

[Update: I wonder why I am delivering a surfeit of rodent-related links at the moment?]

[Further update: Budley WINOLJ points out that this has to be Bagpuss' Marvelous Mouse Organ]
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