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Beachcoming for pearls

Rocco Tower is one of Jersey's west coast landmarks. Out in the middle of St Ouen's bay it's the last thing between the island and Canada. A Jersey Martello tower, it's a relic of the Napoleonic wars, and was badly damaged when used by German artillery for target practice during the Occupation. There's also a family connection - my uncle helped restore it in the 1960s.

It's also a ten minute walk to the tower from the slip at low tide. marypcb and I were having a Father Ted discussion on the relative size of the tower and Corbiere Lighthouse ("These are small, but the ones out there are far away..."), so we solved it by walking out the tower...

Out there, buried in the sand at the edge of the rocks, we found a lovely ormer shell, the spiral of its curves fading from green to brown to mother of pearl in the water. Picking it up, and turning it over we found it contained a fairly sizable pearl bonded to the lustrous interior...

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