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Historical GIPpage: Jersey 1204-2004

"Jèrri a un lian spécial auve la Couronne Angliaîche tch'est l'rêsultat d'chein tchi s'pâssit en 1204. En 2004, toute l'Île est à mèrtchi huit chents ans dé ch't' èrlâtion 'partitchuliéthe'."

Or rather, summarising in English rather than in the convoluted Norman-French variant we call Jerriais - 2004 is the 800th anniversary of the island of Jersey's relationship with the English crown. Until 1204, Jersey was part of the duchy of Normandy, until the fall of Rouen, which led to the splitting of the Angevin Empire. The Channel Islands were the only piece of the Duchy to remain with Britain, a relationship that still stands to this day...

This site (where I stole the icon) has more information ...
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