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Big big boats on small rivers...

The Thames isn't the world's smallest river. However, up around Hammersmith you don't expect to see anything much larger than the occasional tourist pleasure boat. I was driving over Hammersmith Bridge this afternoon, on my way back from a client, when I had a bit of aa surprise. The largest vessel I'd ever seen on the Thames was just about to go under the bridge. Not only that, but it looked like wasn't going to fit, even at low tide...

Luckily I had a digicam to hand, and found a side road where I could stop. I nipped out, and grabbed a handful of photos...

The enormous barge begins to emerge from under the bridge.

Its bridge slowly rises up from below the decks, where it retracted to avoid the span.

Almost fully back in place. Crewmen were taking photographs of the passage as if they didn't quite believe it themselves.

The barge carries on upstream, heading for the next bridge...

Thinking about the timing, and the descriptions in various news items, I'm guessing that what I saw was the sea-going barge that's going to carry the last Concorde from Heathrow to Edinburgh next week...

[Update: yes, it is that barge according to the BBC News and a transport news site found by that nice jonhoneyball]
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