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Brief loves: A Tech Ed Photostory

codepope's speculation about the real nature of this year's TechEd bag was uncannily accurate. While he may have missed some details, some detective work on the part of the UK journalist contingent at TechEd 2002 has finally solved the mystery.

While in a 14th century Barcelona palace, the journalists were able to witness a scene so touching and so beautiful, that it should soon be appearing on a BBC TV wildlife special, narrated by David Attenborough. A pair of bags were spotted mating, and the whole process was photographed.

Initially a male bag approached a receptive female. Attracted by her pheromones, he first ensures that she is fertile.

The initial meeting

Once he is sure of a successful mating, he raises his signaling apendage to call a pair of neuters to assist in the process.

Calling the neuters

A primary neuter arrives, and assists in the initial mating. We currently believe that its presence is required in order to mediate the process.

The primary neuter

It is soon joined by a secondary neuter. This seems to actually catalyse the proces of fertilisation, and its presence is necessary for a successful mating.

The secondary neuter

The mating over, the female heads for water to lay her eggs.

Laying the eggs

Currently we believe that most of her eggs will be harvested for use as designer wallets and purses. Some will survive to become juvenile handbags, and others may become rucsacs. Only very few will reach adulthood.
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