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Oooh Las Vegas

Well, here I am across the Pond again.

Yesterday's flight was long, but fairly comfortable. It was the latest I've taken a west coast flight, so made for a very long day, especially with the connection at Los Angeles for Las Vegas. I think I was awake for well of 24 hours in the end...

Saw "The Last Samurai" and "Love, Actually" on the plane, along with reading a couple of novels. Today's recommendation is Wasteland of Flint by Thomas Harlan, a superb alternate future space opera, right up there in the Al Reynolds' school of unfriendly universes.

I had some problems at immigration on the way in - the fingerprint reader decided I wasn't who I'd been on my last two trips to the US, so I had to go and have a secondary inspection, which actually ended up as me sitting down for a couple of minutes (a relief after the queue for immigration!), before an immigration official stamped my passport and apologised for his computers.

Las Vegas isn't real. The taxi ride to the hotel at midnight last night was a surreal experience, and my hotel is even more of a theme park than I expected. At least there's free broadband in the room...

More later - off to breakfast.
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