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...instead I have a railway line.

And the last three nights in a row I have been woken by some strange piece of machinery that sounds like a hundred angry vacuum cleaners hitting something with hammers. Not fun when you're trying to deal with the 'flu.

I didn't think it couldn't get much worse.

Until tonight.

When it added a siren into the mix...



Mar. 5th, 2004 03:14 am (UTC)
Repost - I hit enter by mistake last time, then had to do something else before I could get back here.

I have all of the main tracks out of Paddington going past my house (not in a cutting, just the other side of a brick wall across the road) and they've been doing night-time repairs too, so I know pretty much what you're going through. I barely notice the railway most of the time (it used to be a lot noisier when it was a shunting yard and there were cattle cars being shunted at night), but sometimes they stop a deisel train right opposite my house and seem to rev the engine and I can feel the low frequency vibrations through my chair, my body, and the desk where I'm working. The repairs are comparatively quiet.

Some time this millennium the crossrail project may get approval, and they'll be digging one of the tunnel entrances opposite my house, then running lots of trains through it. Won't that be fun...