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Wiring Victorian houses for data... not as easy as it could be. In fact I have had to go out and buy the largest drill bit I could find in B&Q to finish the latest stage of the networking project...

I've been running a wireless link to my PC for the last few months, and that's been, well, a little slower than I 'd like. I'd also tried IP over the powerlines, but half the kit had to go away to be photgraphed and hasn't come back yet...

The only real solution was to put this PC (and my room) onto the house network with real physical Cat5 cabling. So over the last couple of days I've been drilling holes in walls and ceilings to run a nice long length of ethernet from the switch by the servers down to my room. The cable is currently running under the bathroom floor, through a hole in the downstairs' toilet ceiling and into a looooong hole through a brick wall into the back of the wardrobe in my room.

It's a goodly distance, and was a lot of work - especially when trying to get the cable down through the hole in the ceiling. Still, it's all hooked up now, and I'm connected to the rest of the house at a sprightly 100 Mbps.

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