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Morning panorama (with nuclear aircraft carriers)

One thing about the hotel I'm in, here in San Diego, is that I have the most amazing view, looking north over the entrance to the harbour. It's a view down the channel, with a small fishing port, a large naval base, and large numbers of yachts and other pleasure boats.

So, as the sun rose this morning, I took out my digicam, and took a few photos, which I've stitched together into yet another panorama...

Click on the thumbnail to open the larger image (but remember, it's a 1MB or so download). I'm not entirely happy with the way that Panorama Factory has stitched the images, so I'll probably remake it when I get back to the UK.

The observant will spot two nuclear carriers across the channel. One, CVN-74, is the Nimitz class carrier USS John C. Stennis. The other is being refitted, so it's impossible to identify. However, I've found a site which indicates that it's the USS Nimitz. The third carrier in the picture is the USS Midway, and is shortly to become a floating museum.
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