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A despatch from Barcelona.

So here I am, sat in the front row of the main hall at TechEd, waiting for the keynote to start. There's plenty of wireless bandwidth here, and I'm running EtherPEG in the background just to see what people are looking at - though all in all it's rather boring. At the moment someone is surfing a Rolex site, while some else appears to be buying insurance.

Barcelona hasn't changed much in the last year. The streets still have that air of gently decaying grandeur, while the green trees of the avenues hide the strange shapes of Gaudi's houses. The hotel is just down the road from one of the more famous buildings, so I'm hoping to at least take a picture of it, if I can find a little gap in the very full schedule...

The plane flew into a grey and humid airport, a 767 full of conference attendees missing the climax of the World Cup. It took a while to get out of the airport, but we were soon at our city centre hotel. There was just time for a brief rest before we went off to dinner at a beachside restaurant, and a very refreshing rose rioja wine. In the restaurant next door someone was setting up a film set, and bright young things were soon extolling the virtues of some new drink...
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