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Ten random songs

10 random songs from iTunes (as gacked from pretty much everyone by now!)

Nuvogue - Thomas Dolby - Gate to the Mind's Eye
You've Been Flirting Again - Björk - Telegram
Masterman And Baby J - Randy Newman - Land Of Dreams
Je serai espionne - Baxendale - You will have your revenge
La Tristesse Durera / Manic Street Preachers - Various Artists - Wired (Disc 1)
Babylon Sisters - Steely Dan - Remastered
CRW / I Feel Love [R.A.F. Zone Mix] - Various Artists - Trance Nation 3 (Disc 2)
Tall Paul Vs Inxs: Precious Heart (Original Mix) - Euphoria - Ibiza Euphoria (Disc 2)
Wondering Where the Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn - Various Bruce Cockburn
Beached - Camel - Nude

A nice mix of trancey stuff, prog stuff, strange stuff, cynical electropop, stuff that's influenced SF writers, and stuff that was picked up from TV programmes...
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