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Back to the Moon

Apparently, Pres. Bush will shortly announce plans for a permanent moonbase and a manned Mars mission.

Sounds like a recipe for an Allen Steele or a Ben Bova future. Which, to be honest, isn't such a bad thing - even if I do want to live in a Michael Flynn tomorrow...


Jan. 12th, 2004 01:19 am (UTC)
And the President gives NASA turkey.

The Bush moon mission/mars mission is a lie. They trial balloned this in December and waited for Spirit to land safely before saying anything.

The entire plan is based around gutting NASA. NASA will be given two missions, moon and mars. Any project that is not directly connected to those missions will be canned.

Then, we fully expect the money to vapourise in 2005, same as it did on Medicare, with the justification being "the deficit".

One was actually hoping NASA could keep their head down during Bush's screwing of the US economy, but apparently Karl Rove thinks it should attract to soccer moms.

What this means is.... look to China/India/Japan to get established on the moon first.