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The Wold Newton family expands.

I see that the BBC's Christmas season includes a short season of "biographies" of Fletcher and of Margo Leadbetter - maybe not quite in the same vein as Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton family biographies, but you never know...

Perhaps that meteor affected more lives than just Tarzan's and Doc Savages's....


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Dec. 21st, 2003 03:48 pm (UTC)
Perhaps the BBC is planning to form the League of Extraordinary Sitcom Stars? (Alan Moore is, if I recall correctly, on record as saying that PJF's works were an inspiration behind the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.) Who else might feature? Reginald Perrin, for sure; Grahame Garden (as Grahame-the-Goodie) for brains; and Del Trotter as fixer-upper and, um, purveyor of the LoESS's transport. Oh, and with Sir Humphrey Appleby as the Representative of the British Establishment.

But Hollywood would ruin the film...

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