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LJ Modern SF Classics #1

Classic science fiction updated for our time and place. Today we'll be beginning with that great lost work of apocalyptic rock and roll and something that is almost but not quite Glastonbury, Mck Frrn's Txts of Fstval

Just as a sampler: the first paragraph.

"Th mrshlnd hd rn 4 a dyz walk. A dy hd passd snce he hd cm dwn frm th hll cntry. 3 dyz of slppng thru hs hme hll lnd, skrtng th inhbtd vllys, avding grm hrders who clwd lvng frm th crrded hlls & grw svge n thr isoltn. & thn a cl, drty dy trdgng thru th lwlnd swmp, pckng a wy on th brkn pvd srfce whr swmp ratz sqlld & sld awy as he approchd."
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